Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pray For Kay C.

Kay C. is a woman who has a lot of problems, emotionally. She has been coming here every day to leave comments for me, since August 2011. She wishes death, rape, murder and other evil, Satanic things on me. She is a very disturbed individual, not for what she said to me, but how she addressed African Americans/Africans! She called them the "n" word! Just thinking about that makes me shudder. Oh, what a sinner! Jesus knows what you type here, even if I hold it in the q!

I offered to email her and send her prayers and scripture and she replied that she hoped I should email her because she can trace IPs and send her "gang bang 'N'ers" after me! What a disturbed woman! Pray for her! Jesus can help her! Jesus can help anyone if they ask for prayers! I know of her other account, and witnessed her bragging about threatening me to a woman who has lied so much on Blogger that her blog has to be private now. They did this in the name of Jesus and that is sick! Their mockery of Christ will not go unnoticed come Judgement Day!

Thinking about what that woman does and her thought patterns has made me ill! I am literally going to throw up! Please pray for her, and if you have time, pray for me to get well from this sickness that her actions have brought upon me. It is the hands of Satan, touching my shoulders from Kay C.'s horrible threats and mind that is making me ill. I can fight off Satan!

If you want to send prayers to me, you may do so. I love hearing all the encouraging words!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dancing In The Sunshine

I danced today, in the pure, white sunshine. I was dressed in a lite sun dress. I was barefoot. I played in the park, breathing in the clean air around me, and I danced in the sunshine that is God's love. I felt so free! I know He would not let the Satanists get me, and now I have proof! I am living proof that God is the All Mighty!

I want to try to be a mommy again. I feel as though I am missing out on something by not having children. God commands us to have children and to love and nourish those children. People who do not have children, by choice, are not Christians because they are not living God's Word to the fullest. I want to please God, so I am going to start hitting up the local Christian singles places and start dating once again.

I am not afraid of the Satanists intervening my attempt to get a husband and have a child for Christ. Jesus is on my side and with Jesus on my side, I cannot fail!

This all came to me in a dream. I dreamed that I had several children and they were all under the age of five. I had several sets of twins and they were all asking to be fed or changed or they were getting into something! It was crazy! I woke up laughing from the dream! Jesus has a good sense of humor! I am happy Jesus is my friend!

Have a good day with Jesus! He loves you more than you will ever know!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happiness Is...

Are you serving the Lord as you should?

Happiness cannot be attained if you are not properly serving our Lord faithfully in this life! You should strive to serve the Lord with your heart and soul and worry about the repercussions of serving the Lord in the afterlife! In this life, we are only given one shot at some things, and these things are the most important decisions we have to make! Are you making the right decisions when it comes to serving the Lord? Or are you making decisions that will send you straight to Hell's fire? My service to the Lord is pure and makes Him happy. I walk a fine line, but I know it will all be worth it in the end. When I am weak or I feel Satan creeping up on me, I turn to the Bible and quote Jesus' words aloud, and the feelings fade. Jesus saves me from Satan's temptations every day!

Sadly, I cannot say the same for others. The evidence that Satan is powerful is no closer than my own comments, where his demons do his bidding constantly. They seek out beautiful, innocent Christian women to try to drag into the eternal flames of Hell. But I am stronger than they are! I am stronger than Satan! Jesus Christ has given me the strength to repel these demons from Hell's fire and I am safe from their slimy grips! They will never have me! I am protected by the eternal strength and love of Jesus Christ, and you should look into that!

I went shopping the other day, and a man came up to me and asked me if my name was Laura. He said I looked deeply familiar. I shook my head. I felt so badly for him, because he abandoned his shopping cart and place in line because of me! I gave him a Bible and told him to read it. Jesus Christ will help bring his lost loved one back to him. The Bible has never failed me before! It has kept me from being angry, lost, upset, and with the strength I have attained from those words, I have avoided many bad situations. Jesus Christ will help you through anything that you are going through, and you will come out with the most favorable outcome, if you just believe in Christ with all your heart, and pray to Him every day! It's really that simple!

Have a good day with Jesus! He is watching you!