Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pray For Kay C.

Kay C. is a woman who has a lot of problems, emotionally. She has been coming here every day to leave comments for me, since August 2011. She wishes death, rape, murder and other evil, Satanic things on me. She is a very disturbed individual, not for what she said to me, but how she addressed African Americans/Africans! She called them the "n" word! Just thinking about that makes me shudder. Oh, what a sinner! Jesus knows what you type here, even if I hold it in the q!

I offered to email her and send her prayers and scripture and she replied that she hoped I should email her because she can trace IPs and send her "gang bang 'N'ers" after me! What a disturbed woman! Pray for her! Jesus can help her! Jesus can help anyone if they ask for prayers! I know of her other account, and witnessed her bragging about threatening me to a woman who has lied so much on Blogger that her blog has to be private now. They did this in the name of Jesus and that is sick! Their mockery of Christ will not go unnoticed come Judgement Day!

Thinking about what that woman does and her thought patterns has made me ill! I am literally going to throw up! Please pray for her, and if you have time, pray for me to get well from this sickness that her actions have brought upon me. It is the hands of Satan, touching my shoulders from Kay C.'s horrible threats and mind that is making me ill. I can fight off Satan!

If you want to send prayers to me, you may do so. I love hearing all the encouraging words!

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