Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I give up

I tried to be nice to people. To post what they wanted to hear. I wanted them to feel that I was on their side and let things blow over.

I let my friend post here earlier today.

I would be a happy woman if the false prophets on the web masquerading as Christian Moms would understand a few things.

1. This is my blog. I registered it years ago. No one is making you come here, so whatever "it" is, you are the people who are not over "it". I am. You obviously came to a blank, deleted Blogspot page for twenty-six months, but because I want to make the wrong things right again and just blog, you tell me I am the one with no life? Please re-evaluate your idea of someone without a "life".

2. Being the way you are, you are not Christ-like, as a Christian should be. You are evil and vile and doing worse than anything I have ever said or posted could be, damage wise. Does this make you feel good? Satan worshippers always find joy in tormenting the fragile Christian soul.

I am sorry about the past. I can't change it. But I can change the future, and I am. If you are angry with me, so be it. I am angry with the old me, too. But the new me is nothing like I was a couple of years ago. Can we start over?


  1. Just out of pure curiosity, why would your new blog be called "Little One April" still, if you're trying to move on and just blog? And why would you let "someone" post on your blog as if you had never been "found out" and the story was actually true, when you said yourself it wasn't? It sounds to me like you aren't quite as ready to move past your lie as you think you are. Change your blog name/address and quit bringing up the past...easiest way to "move on" that I know of. Ps? Not everybody who disagrees with you or challenges you or questions your intentions is a bad Christian or a satan worshiper. And saying as much is just a cheap way to deflect not so favorable attention on to people who disagree with you.

    Prove to us that you are no longer a liar or a deceiver.

  2. 1. I am not masquerading as Christian Mom. I am a Mum for starters. And not a Christian either.

    2. Do you know what Google reader/Bloglines is? We have not come to your blog for the last 26months. Every time you post it comes up in our blog reader. Simple. Oh and so do all your old posts too. So yep anyone using a blog reader has ALL your old posts.

    3. Someone without a life, would make up stories to tell other people. Someone with a life, leaves a comment, walks away and forgets about it until the person without a life posts again (and again and again)

    4. LOL @ your Satan worshipers comment. That is the funniest thing I have read all day.

    5. The comments left here in no way EVER worse than what you did here.

    6. If you want to change the future... This is not the place to do it. Your only posting here for more attention.

    7. No we can't start over.

  3. It sounds like you still have a SERIOUS MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE that has never been dealt with. You want the attention you had before ... that's why you're posting again. You think you can have it all back. You won't change your blog name (just for the sake of blogging - yeah right) because then you will lose all your old readers and all the people who come here from the links posted all over the web. Go get some help ... run, don't walk ... you're done.

  4. Amy- Way to twist my words. Does that make you feel good about yourself?

    Melissa- Is it too hard for you to delete my blog off your "reader"?