Wednesday, August 3, 2011

do you forgive me?

Be careful with what you accuse. I'm sick of all of these Christian moms who are SO quick to speak so much evil and hatred about Beccah and Dan. Have you ever been in the position of having hundreds of thousands of people following your blog? And did you ever think that maybe, in the midst of all that they are going through, that enough might just be enough? Do you remember how you felt after giving birth? Now how would you feel getting hate emails at that time of your well as photos of your baby with horns and a devil tail? Now imagine that your baby is less than healthy; add that stress and throw in nasty anonymous comments. Would you not be tempted to just stop all of the madness and shut down your blog? Put yourself in Beccah's shoes. All of this holier than thou stuff is making me ill. And I'm sure that Satan loves this. Beccah was turning a less than ideal situation into something that was glorifying God. Satan hates that. And what better way for him to try and defeat the situation by getting a whole busload of blogging moms to spew hatred and misinformation. Yes, April's photo looks a bit like that of a "newborn" doll, but if you took the time to notice, it looks even MORE like her ultrasound photo, which had prominently been featured on the blog for months. I do not know Beccah, although I had received 2 emails from her...emails which did NOT ask for anything, although I had offered. You all ought to be so ashamed of yourselves. It's like watching a pack of wild animals tear apart a helpless animal. I know that this is not how Christ would respond in a situation like this.
(and let me clarify...the reason I had received email from Beccah was that I had shared a verse with her, and she commented back.)


  1. A College Aquaintence of BeushausenAugust 3, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    Beccah is a nutjob of the worst kind. She deserves to be heavily sedated, put in restraints and locked in a padded cell. With her BABY DOLL APRIL.

    Quit playing the Jesus Card.

    Girl is sick. Nothing she did or does glorifies God. Her own family is repulsed by her and thinks she's a freakshow. I know because I spoke to one of them when the whole thing unfolded.

    Beccah just needs to go play with her doll baby because that's the closest thing she'll ever get to holding a real baby in this life. She needs to be locked up.

  2. People have moved on from that sick bitch. You might want to do the same. She's a nothing now.

  3. Sounds like to me you missed the whole part where she went to the press and admitted it was all made up. There was no baby.

  4. I absolutely agree that we don't need to act poorly towards her and show grace...because that is how God wants us to respond. However, please remember she made up the baby when so many of us have gone through hard times to get or stay pg and/or had to bury children. Yes, we are sensitive to this situation because it you ask us to consider her feelings but please consider ours too.

  5. What the hell are you on about.

    There was no baby, she admitted the re was no baby!

    And you don't know her... Yet you have permissions to post on her blog? Please. Spare us. Either your a liar, or somebody has started their old tricks again.

    And if B didn't want anon comments, then she should have turned them off on the blog.